As you read through the following I ask you to keep in mind several things, not the least of which is that everything that lies before you within these pages is nothing more than my opinion or my recollection of events.  I am just a man and as fallible as any other so if my ramblings take the form of utter nonsense to you I ask that you bear with me or at the very least try not to take it too seriously.  I suspect that by the time you are finished you will have gained some insight into who I am and if I am lucky you may walk away with a little bit more than you came with.  No promises here – you are on your own.  If my small contribution opens even one door for you then it has surely done more than I am deserving of credit for but hey, stranger things have happened.  Conversely, if you should take all this so seriously that you feel the need to judge me at every turn then I fear you have denied yourself the pleasure of the reading.  I have attempted to portray each of my moments noted herein as they unveiled to me; that is, as a single moment entirely unto itself.  Often these moments lead me to or even through later scenarios for which I might not otherwise have been prepared.  Nevertheless I have not associated one event with others as that would serve to diminish their uniqueness in my eyes.  Each piece stands on its own; framed and hung upon the walls of my mind like so many pieces of art.  One may argue that a piece here or there is inferior to another or perhaps has no place in the collection at all but unlike one’s home I didn’t have the privilege of doing all the decorating myself.  Some things just sort of happened and it would be unfair of me, and to me for that matter, were I to deliberately overlook any portion.  Let us now dispense with these vague caveats and get this thing rolling.

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