My name is Rick Shepherd and I am running for Congress in 2020.

I am a progressive candidate and a proud Bernie Sanders delegate who occupied Wall Street and stood up against institutional racism in the Reno Police Department.

Meet Your Candidate for Progress

My name is Rick Shepherd and I am running for Congress in 2020 to replace Mark Amodei.  I am a progressive candidate and a proud Bernie Sanders supporter.  Like Elizabeth Warren, I too am a former Republican. I grew up believing the Republican party represented blue-collar people, unions, and the environment.  Since Reagan, the aforementioned collars have gotten whiter and fewer in number, while unions have been weakened or outright replaced with Right-To-Work States.  Most critically, I haven’t heard an honest word about climate change from the Republicans and we cannot afford to continue failing to address this monumental problem.

I am here to do something about it.

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Why should you vote for me?

I care, I’m well-informed and I cannot be bought.  You need only look at who donates to a candidate’s campaign to know exactly where the special attention will be directed.  Establishment candidates from both sides can be trusted to ignore us as they pander to their top contributors.  I will not ignore your needs.

I grew up here in Northern Nevada.  I live and work here.  I started my business and hired most of my employees here.  My wife and children were born here – and speaking of children, they are excelling in public school here.  I am invested in this community as a small business owner.  I started my company Synux Technologies on February 2, 2002 and aside from my years teaching at UNR this has been my primary source of income.  I have no ties to special interests.

I got my degree from UNR and returned to teach there.  I count my student evaluations among my most prized possessions.  I recall Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Borgman, my two favorite teachers and the impact they had on me. During my time at UNR I had students honor me with the same accolade and it delights me to know that I was able to be there for them in this way.

Bernie showed us the way and Progressive candidates are stepping up.  These candidates need our help.  To break the gridlock of Congress we have to replace the impediments.  Establishment politicians will not yield.  The establishment politician knows that if they vote their conscience instead of the will of their donors then the well-appointed wallets that purchased the politician his/her job will be sure to have someone of weaker intellect and fewer scruples ready in the next primary.  The establishment politician cannot be reasoned with so it must be replaced.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please give me the opportunity to help make the world a better place.

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