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A pathway to citizenship

Immigration is literally what we are founded on and the lady in the harbor still has a sign that talks about huddled masses.  We are not deporting 11,000,000 people.  We also need to take a hard look at the abuses of work visas that are being used to import workers at low-wages.  This practice puts an American out of a job while creating an economic prison for the guest worker.

Cooperative legislation

Building off the idea of the We The People website, I want citizens more engaged with their government.  The drafting of complete works of legislation can begin with an interactive website and crowd-sourced ideas.

Dear Wall Street:

I occupied you in 2011.  That was just the start.  High-frequency trading is going to be reigned in with taxation and regulation.  Capital Gains paid by the idle-rich is half the rate of taxation of our labor.  There is no excuse for labor to subsidize capital.  Speculation is not banking, it is gambling and We The People are not going to shoulder the insurance burden while people like Jamie Dimon are shaking the dice and yelling, “Let it ride!”  When the big banks were too big to fail we bailed them out.  Now they’re bigger than ever and, with the tacit endorsement of the bailout, the biggest culprits have an unfair competitive advantage over other lenders – lenders who won’t be saved by We The People when they make terrible choices.  I will take these institutions, break them into pieces, and hold their leadership accountable.

Climate Change

Climate Change threatens our way of life and in many ways life itself.  I will address climate change directly as the real problem that it is and We The People can be a big part of the solution.  Residential use accounts for 14% of our total power bill as a nation and we can fix that problem one rooftop at a time.  A simple change to the Net-Metering policy will incentivize home owners to invest in renewables like solar and wind power and turn their home into a revenue source as you sell your excess power back to the grid.  I will give the consumer direct access to sell their green power back to the local utility instead of the current credit-based system.  You will not pay each month for the privilege of being connected to the grid.  You will not be hindered by your local Public Utilities Commission and their obvious pandering to Berkshire Hathaway (the parent company of NV Energy).  Your home will be part of a carbon-friendly, energy-producing community.  Subsidies for fossil fuels will end completely.  There is no defensible reason to subsidize a mature and profitable industry.  Our tax dollars are going to Green initiatives and promoting new industries that will employ us and serve us.

Why Choose Us?


Healthcare. We will have a Single-Payer healthcare system like the rest of the 1st-world has enjoyed for decades and we will treat mental health with both genuine concern and proper funding.


The tax code is a mess of preferential treatment and creates chaos for tax professionals and the IRS alike.  This is no accident.  Establishment politicians have handed in word-for-word copies of bills written by their largest donors.  Big business literally writes the rules to favor themselves.

college-degree. copy

Millennials have been marginalized.  Poor economic prospects coupled with crippling debt await them if we do nothing.  Working a full-time job should leave you with something more than a need to sign up for Food Stamps.

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