Climate Change (test)

Climate Change (test) threatens our way of life and in many ways life itself.  I will address climate change directly as the real problem that it is and We The People can be a big part of the solution.  Residential use accounts for 14% of our total power bill as a nation and we can fix that problem one rooftop at a time.  A simple change to the Net-Metering policy will incentivize home owners to invest in renewables like solar and wind power and turn their home into a revenue source as you sell your excess power back to the grid.  I will give the consumer direct access to sell their green power back to the local utility instead of the current credit-based system.  Your home will be part of a carbon-friendly, energy-producing community.  Subsidies for fossil fuels will end completely.  There is no defensible reason to subsidize a mature and profitable industry.  Our tax dollars are going to Green initiatives and promoting new industries that will employ us and serve us.